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Photos from Memorial Day, May 31st, 2004 re-enactment of
Civil War funeral procession - Ventura, California
with black powder cannon and 21 gun salute

(click on thumbnails below to see larger images)

Holley Gene at entrance to Cemetery Park

Dorothea Phelan as friend of Vanderver family

Visiting friends of family

HG with Teddy Roosevelt and friends

Vanderver family children

Nurse Jessie

HG with friends of Cannon Guard

Black powder cannon fired in the honoring

Funeral procession arrives at Cemetery Park

Arrival at Cemetery Park

Caisson carrying Maj. Gen. Vanderver's coffin

Honor Guard Horsemen

Pallbearers carrying coffin

Modenia Kramer as Widow Vanderver

Draping U.S. Flag over coffin

Flag-draped coffin on bier

Friend Margaret comforting Widow Vanderver

Friend Margaret

John Kramer as friend of family

HG with Molly King of Santa Paula

Maj. Gen. Wm Vandever
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