Holley Gene Leffler
Costume Design
When only the best will do
One-of-a-kind, historically-accurate fashions crafted just for you

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Some of the hats and clothing I designed and made
for the
1910 Ventura County Expo

Hats, hats, and more hats !!
I have many more and can make them to your special order.
(Hat stands are also available)

Three big, beautiful hats!

  Titanic Hat

"Titanic" hat
with large 8-inch brim

 Hat 1

Hat 2

 Hat 3

Hat 4

Bustle Dress Hat

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(click on images below for larger image)

Suzanne Lawrence
Mrs. Pierpont

Suzanne Lawrence

 Cynthia Thompson, Dorothea Phelan, and Holley Gene
at the Pierpont Inn

 Three ladies at the Inn

 Purple Ball Gown

 Purple ball gown

 Wine Colored
Bretelle Outfit

 Bretelle Outfit

Rikki Pleis
in 1908 Suit

 1908 Suit

 Insertion Lace Waist (Blouse)

 Blouse with inserted lace

Five Gore Skirt and Matching Zoave Jacket

 Five gore skirt, Zoave jacket

 Holley Gene
in the
Pierpont Inn Lobby

 Holley Gene in Pierpont Inn lobby

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For more information -

 Phone: (805) 659-3293


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