Holley Gene Leffler
Costume Design
When only the best will do
One-of-a-kind, historically-accurate fashions crafted just for you

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Authentic Fashions Just For You
Are you a docent at a historical property?
Do you own a turn-of-the-century home? Maybe you're into re-enactments. Perhaps
you belong to a tea society. Or maybe you like to research the lives of early area residents and do character representations
of these persons.

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Looking Your Best
You've spent hours taking care of all the little details - learning about family members and their lives, moving that antique lamp from the parlor window to the living room table, then back again. Everything is perfect, but - what about your attire?

Ask Yourself -
Will you be receiving guests in the parlor or sewing in the living room? Will it be evening or midday - or Sunday? Do you live in the city or
in the country? Will you be walking through town or strolling in the park?

How many changes of clothing do you need? What pieces can give you several interesting combinations?

How old is your character? What year is it? Should your attire be Victorian or Edwardian?

Should you wear a corset? A hat?

Can period clothing be comfortable, easy-to wear, and still be authentic?

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A Pleasant Surprise
Yes, you can have it all - comfort, variety, and beautiful fashion made just for you, in your colors - all at a reasonable cost. Holley Gene Leffler's fashions have appeared in live theater and fashion shows, are being worn by owners of historical homes, and by docents at historical properties and events.

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