Holley Gene Leffler
Costume Design
When only the best will do
One-of-a-kind, historically-accurate fashions crafted just for you

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American Sewing Guild (ASG)
National Convention

Thank you, Birmingham, for a wonderful experience!

Holley Gene lectured about fashions from the 1870s to 1910, and taught workshops about how to make a five gore walking skirt and bretelle.

She introduced her new line of vintage patterns, and her new book, "Re-Creating Vintage Fashions for Fun and Profit."

She stopped by Middletown, Ohio, on the way home, and lectured on vintage fashions as part of the 125th anniversary of St. Paul's United Church of Christ (built in 1876).

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Holley Gene wearing her Aesthetic Dress at ASG Fashion Show

Holley Gene lecturing at ASG

One of Holley Gene's workshops at ASG

Discussing a fine point with a student

Model wearing Holley Gene's Lingerie Dress at St. Paul's Fashion Show

Barbara Flory modeling
Five Gore Walking Skirt and Bretelle

Jennifer Edwards at her parents' historic home (Middletown, Ohio) wearing Holley Gene's Aesthetic Dress

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